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Our Services

Patients: Helping patients with chronic and life threatening diseases –

Atma Vallabh Trust takes pride in helping people who are in need dire of treatment for any critical illness that they may be facing and are unable to afford the required costs involved. This is done bysourcing other charities or non-profit organisations to provide financial aid and or alternative means of helping these patients. 

The Trust takes complete responsibility in ensuring that the raised funds are appropriately channelised and the use is justified for the right cause. The Trust incorporates a complete fool-proof system of
authenticating the scenario and monitors the end to end utilization of the funds. All activities are documented and maintained by the Trust for future reference or dispute handling.



Students: Our Efforts in Helping Student –


The role of students and youth in the future of any nation is enormous. If the students and youth are not

guided in the correct manner and left open to the anti social elements the nation is heading for a 

definite disaster. The Trust strongly believes that all children have the right to education. There are

several activities that the governments of all countries that they undertake to provide basic health and

education to their pupil.

However no government can ever reach out to hundred percent of the needy and deserving population,

the reasons could be several such as the economic situation of the country itself and other more 

important activities take away the major chunk of the national ‘budgets’, corruption, if it prevails can

never let the allocated fund reach the targeted subjects. AVT aims at reaching out to as many needy

students possible, especially the ones who are bright and talented but lack financial support to pursue

their education. If any nation gets this wrong the future is far from bright as only a well education youth

and overall population can maneuver the nation to the ultimate path of success in every sense.

Our Accomplishments: