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Welcome to Atma Vallabh Foundation

The existence of Non Government Organizations (NGO) is believed to be more than twenty five thousand years. There are evidences that prove existence of over 100,000
private, not for profit International NGOs during 1850s. The number of NGOs happened to grow post the 2nd World War. The significance of NGOs was realized by
the United Nations. At the UN Congress that was held in San Francisco in 1968, a provision was made in Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations framework
legalizing that the NGOs could offer Consultation for the Economic and Social association. No country on this present day is without a NGO and India, the largest
democratic system in the World has over 3 million NGOs, which can be translated as there being one NGO for a set of every 300 to 400 people.

Inspired by the contribution of Voluntary/Charitable 
Organizations in Europe, North America, Latin America,
Australia, Africa and many Asian countries and
particularly Mahatma Gandhi in India, Mr J B Chowhan,
an Indian Entrepreneur with a philanthropic ideology had
established a non Political NGO. Under his able
guidance, Atma Vallabh Medical & Educational Trust
(Foundation) on 9th day of April, 2007 at Bangalore,
India was formed. The aim was to offer relentless
services to Indian community and the communities of the
world at large with a phased approach keeping Health
and Education as the basic theme.